When is the best time to irrigate your lawn?

How often do we get home from work, look at the back lawn or vege garden and think... I should crack a tinnie and give that some water. Well don’t. Actually the tinnie is OK, and after work is the perfect time for that, but watering the garden - you should be doing that in the morning.
Morning irrigation lets the leaves dry out during the day, which prevents mould and fungus growth. Watering during the heat of the day, when evaportation rates are high can also lead to mineral deposits which can burn leaves and sensitive plants. You will probably find that it is less windy in the morning as well, which means the water is going where it should.
While we are on the subject, make sure you aren’t watering every day. Once or twice a week max. Water deeply and less often. It will encourage deeper root growth and a hardier plant. And use less water.
An in ground pop up sprinkler system with an irrigation timer is the easiest way to do this, and in the long term it is the most cost effective as well. A well designed system will give an even coverage and will get into the corners without overspray. You will find that it uses less water and that your lawn will be beautiful and easy to maintain.