New Location

New Location



5 Things that will make your house pump work better and last longer

  1. Is your pump out of the weather? Moisture, heat and cold are not good for your pump. Build or buy a pump cover and make sure that the pipework is insulated to prevent freezing.
  2. Is your pump leaking? A leaking pump not only wastes water, it will eventually cause an untimely (and expensive) end. Water leaks can get into the motor and bearings and that never ends well.
  3. Is your pump noisier than usual? That’s not good. Failing bearings make a lot of noise and cause the pump to run hotter than usual. Damaged impellers are also noisy and will eventually grind to a standstill. If it doesn’t sound right, get it in for a checkup quick smart!
  4. Have insects taken over? One day they will take over the world, but first they want to take over your pump. Clean the wasps away from the cooling vanes on the pump motor, and spray with a surface insecticide to keep ants and earwigs out of the switches and controllers. A more extensive spray for spiders and wasps makes it nicer if you need a service visit too.
  5. Is your pump starting and stopping a lot? Like us, pumps have a finite number of starts, so don’t waste them. If your pump is starting up when it shouldn’t you may have a leak. If it starts and stops rapidly, your pressure tank may need attention. If it starts and stops all day every day, your foot valve or check valve may need replacing. If you are not sure give us a call and we will help you diagnose the problem. But don’t ignore it, your pump is aging quickly.

Centre Pivots and Hard Hose Irrigators

Irrigear Goulburn has been appointed as a regional distributor for Bauer Australia. Bauer manufacture and distribute a wide range of high quality travelling irrigators and associated equipment.

Find out more about Bauer and their high quality equipment at

Puretec Ultra Filtration System

This system will let you make drinking water from your dam or creek.

Christmas Opening Hours

Fri 23/12 - 8am to 5pm
Sat 24/12 - 9am to 12pm
Sun 25/12 - Closed
Mon 26/12 - Closed
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Wed 28/12 - 9.30am to 1.30pm
Thu 29/12 - 9.30am to 1.30pm
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Sat 31/12 - 9am to 12pm
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Tue 3/1 - 8am to 5pm

Merry Christmas!


After 17 years in Auburn Street, Goulburn Water Systems is moving to new premises.

Our new location is Unit 4, 110 Hume Street, Goulburn.

We are also changing our name to Irrigear Goulburn

We are between Elders and Landmark (or between the Black Sheep and The Big Merino) with access off Hume St and Lansdowne St.