Troughs And Drinkers

Rapid Plas Troughs and Drinkers
Tough and durable, these troughs and drinkers are easy to transport and install. 

Longline Ultra Water Troughs
  • One piece trough with fully protected 1” float system
  • Centre mounted float – can service either side of a fence with one inlet
  • 2” Drain bung at either end
  • Raised cover allows trough to fill to the brim
  • All poly, heavy duty, UV stabilised to withstand tough Australian conditions
PT64W - 4' Trough, 200L, 1300x600x480mm
PT68W - 8' Trough, 400L, 2500x600x480mm

Pro Tub Water Troughs
  • Linch pin secures float which prevents damage. This allows quick no-tools access to the float
  • Float enclosure moulded as part of the trough therefore making it stronger
  • Raised float allowing trough to fill completely
  • All pipework protected by trough surround so livestock don’t damage it
  • 2″ drain bung for easy cleaning
  • Fitted with 1″ high pressure, high flow valve
PTTU64W - 2400L, 2400mm dia x 870mm high
PTTU44W - 1200L, 1930mm dia x 670mm high
PTTU42W - 600L, 1500mm dia x 590mm high
PTTU40W -  220L, 1110mm dia x 460mm high

Fence Drinkers
  • Versatile drinker for use with many types of animals – horses, dogs, poultry etc
  • Includes 15mm float valve
  • Large 2″ drain bung for easy cleaning
  • One piece durable design with float cover moulded in
  • Strong solid mounting flanges
  • Available without brackets for mounting directly onto fence etc; or with brackets for hanging
  • UV stabilised for long outdoor life
PTS04W - 6L Drinker, 350x330x190mm
PTS48W-NB - 8L Drinker, 300x300x220mm
PTS49WNB - 25L Drinker, 450x370x340mm

Mid West Concrete Troughs
High quality pre-cast concrete troughs, delivered to site.

R20 2000 L Round Trough
L16C - 1200L, 16ft Double Cattle Trough
L16S - 1000L, 16ft Double Sheep Trough
L16LL - 750L, 16ft Long Line Trough
LC8 - 650L, 8ft Single Cattle Trough
L8S/C - 500L, 8ft Single Sheep/Cattle Trough
LS8 - 550L, 8ft Single Sheep Trough
L4 - 250L, 4ft Long Line Trough
R20 - 2000L, Round Trough (FP- with Float Protector)
R15 - 1500L Round Trough (FP- with Float Protector)
R10 - 1000L Round Trough  (FP- with Float Protector)
R50 - 500L Round Trough  (FP- with Float Protector)

Download the Mid Wast Concrete Price List Here

L8S-C 8ft Single Sheep-Cattle Troughs
L16C-16 Foot Long Cattle Trough