Farm Water

Farm water systems can be complex and simple and cover a wide range of enterprises. From simple stock trough systems to complex solar powered irrigation systems, Irrigear Goulburn has the expertise to design and install a system that will suit your needs.

There are many variables to consider when designing farm water systems - water requirements, distances, pipe size, head, friction, pump size and so on. Our staff can work with you to determine your requirements and then design a robust and suitable system to achieve the desired outcome.

Stock trough reticulation systems are increasingly important in the Southern Tablelands as pasture improvement and new management strategy opens up land that may not have existing water infrastructure. Smaller paddocks and a limit on dam size and numbers mean that a system is often required to maintain healthy and productive stock. Additionally it has been found that most livestock prefer troughs to dams.

Olive, truffle and vineyard irrigation is another area that is increasingly common. Our cool climate is conducive to these types of enterprise, which require a well designed, efficient and value for money irrigation system. We have designed and installed solar powered truffle irrigation systems where power is not available as well as more traditional vineyard drip irrigation systems and olive grove spray systems.

Travelling irrigator systems require a great deal of planning and design. Consideration must be made of the crop type, precipitation depth, run time and movement schedule. The hydraulic requirements of the irrigator are equally important.

Solar powered pumps provide a solution where power is not readily available. With falling panel prices solar powered/mains powered hybrid pump systems are also becoming a viable economic proposition.