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Irrigear Goulburn
(A Division of Dry Argument Pty Ltd)
Unit 4, 110 Hume Street,
Goulburn, NSW, 2580.

Phone: 02 4822 0672
Fax: 02 4822 0673

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 Accelerating population growth in the Goulburn Mulwaree Council, combined with catchment issues have been major factors in the growth of many local businesses. With more people relocating to the Goulburn region every day, and a boom in property subdivision, demand for rural services has climbed steadily. Equally, Sydney Catchment issues have fuelled a demand for professional advice and consultation in almost every area. One business benefiting from these regional issues is Goulburn Water Systems.

“At the moment, it’s all about the drought.” says Charlie McDonald, manager at Goulburn Water Systems. “We are seeing new locals every day, many buying into the Goulburn Mulwaree lifestyle. They want to change their way of life by getting out of the city, which in turn is fueling the rural subdivision boom.”

Like many businesses, Goulburn Water Systems is assisting with the increase in local development. “We have been growing along with Mulwaree Shire – fast!” says Charlie. “Every new small farm is going to need 1 or 2 rainwater tanks, a couple of pumps, a septic or aerated effluent treatment system, a mile of poly pipe….” The list goes on.

Combined with population growth, other issues have influenced the growth of Goulburn Water Systems. Catchment management, drought and demand for water tanks have also emerged as important business drivers. “As water has become more scarce and harder to get, we have had to become more innovative with our designs and our approach to our customers needs. The rebate system for rainwater tanks in Goulburn city is another great idea that has boosted our business.”

A tour around Goulburn Water Systems reveals a world of strange looking fittings and interesting bits and pieces. Charlie explains, “Every problem has a solution, it’s just that we may not know that solution – yet. As we have grown, we have had to expand our minds, either by seeking further education or by innovation.” Charlie is a qualified Irrigation Auditor (CLIA) certified by the Irrigation Association of Australia; he has completed many courses on pumps and irrigation, he has a Bachelor of Science with majors in soil science and agricultural chemistry and is currently embarking on a Certificate III in Irrigation qualification, one of the higher qualifications in the industry. “I have to keep learning, my customers demand the best design and they ask so many difficult questions!”

Like many businesses in the area, Goulburn Water Systems has experienced a steep growth curve. “We have been astounded by the number of bores being installed in and around Goulburn, as well as the response to the Goulburn City Council Tank Rebate Scheme.” “We love meeting these new locals, and helping them to understand some of the principles of rural life. Water has always been an essential part of farm life, and education our main focus.”