Ag Irrigation

Orchards, vineyards, olive groves, trufferies and market gardens are an important part of our business. Significant investment is made in establishing these growing systems so it makes sense to incorporate a robust and well designed irrigation system to protect that investment.

Irrigear Goulburn can design and install an ag irrigation project to suit your needs. Sit down with one of our designers and we will talk through the entire project from water source, pumping requirements, filtration, capacity and site considerations until we arrive at a system that suits your budget and will work well into the future.

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These systems can range from small dripline systems through to large, solid set impact sprinkler systems. They can be operated manually or linked to an automatic controller. In some cases, where power is not available, the system is entirely solar powered, incorporating solar pumping and solar powered irrigation controllers. Specialised olive/truffle irrigation designs are common in this area, and often use the Toro Waterbird irrigation sprinkler pictured above.