4.16kW Lorentz Solar Pump System at Gurrundah

Our client, west of Goulburn, required over 100,000L per day to supply his stock and domestic reticulation system. Drawing from a natural spring the system supplies the homestead and a number of cottages as well as a large stock water reticulation system. For some time this had been done with a single impeller petrol pump, running almost constantly throughout summer. This was very inefficient  in terms of labour and running cost.  We were able to size and quote this system, specific to his requirements, and then install and commission the system soon after.

The Lorentz solar pump system comprises a PS2-4000 submersible pump and motor, along with its associated controller (the brains of the outfit). This is supplied directly by 16 x 270 Watt Risen solar panels mounted on a Clenergy PV Terrace. We used earth anchors to secure the footings. After the earthworks has been completed, the system was installed by two of our technicians in less than 2 days.

Peak average flow is over 280L per minute, and 145,000L per day, with a yearly average of 127,000L per day. No labour requirements and no ongoing operational costs.