New Solar Pump for Angus Taylor

We were very proud to be asked to install this Lorentz solar pump for our local federal member of parliament, Angus Taylor, and his wife, Louise, on their farm near Goulburn.

This little beauty will deliver 12,000 - 18,000 litres per day with zero running costs. It will fill a 50,000 litre tank which reticulates to troughs around the property. The pump is mounted under a welded poly pontoon, and is fitted with a pressure switch which shuts the pump down when the tank is full.

 Angus tells us he is very supportive of solar solutions, and so are we!
Lorentz are the largest solar pump company in the world, and have the largest range of pump, panel and controller combinations available. This means that the system can be precisely sized and customised to suit the required application and duty. 
Angus's new solar pump.