Lorentz Solar Pump Solution at Bungonia National Park

This Lorentz solar pumping system was installed at Bungonia National Park to service the needs of campers and staff. Previously a large 3 phase pump had been installed which was both costly and time consuming to operate.

The new solar system operates in parallel with the old system, but supplies the base load of water requirement to the park. The system is designed to deliver approximately 20,000L per day to a series of storage tanks 70m uphill and 2km away. 

Each part had to be carried in to the site over some pretty treacherous ground, whereas the original system was brought in by helicopter. 

The control system has been located in the original pump shed and the new solar system plugs into the existing infrastructure, allowing staff to top up the tanks with the 3 phase pump system during peak useage if necessary. How's the serenity?