Bores. Who, Why, How.

WHY have a bore?

Whether it be for irrigation, livestock, domestic or municipal water supplies, a reliable source of water can eliminate the many frustrations and hardships normally associated with drought and prolonged dry weather. Bores provide an inexpensive and readily available water source, irrespective of weather conditions.
As well as insuring against losses of crops and stock and the water carting expenses, the cost of bore construction is also a fully allowable, taxation deduction for farming and other commercial ventures.

WHO can drill me a new bore?

Watermin Drillers - 02 6362 3366 -

WHO can equip my bore with a pump and the rest?

Goulburn Water Systems of course. That's us. We can size, quote and install your bore pump and provide you with a number of control options. There is a huge range of bore pumps, so its important to get the right pump for the job. Bigger is rarely better in this case.

HOW do I get a bore and pump for my place?

It's actually quite easy. First contact one of the drillers listed above. They will help you work out the best place to locate the bore (some use divining methods, others just know). They will also handle licensing and registration of your bore with the relevant authorities. Then they make a long deep hole. In most cases they will find water at different depths. They will advise you about the quality and quantity of available water as they go along. Then the drillers will case and backfill the bore. At the end the drillers will give you a drillers log with recommendations regarding pump set depth and flow rates as well as aquifer depths.

Bring your drillers log along with you and we can then start working out which equipment will best suit your bore, and you. We will normally give you a written quote which, if it passes muster, can be installed soon after.

Underground water is a valuable resource, and with 97% of the world’s fresh water underground, a professionally constructed waterbore can provide access to a reliable water supply.