Solar Pump Installation

 Goulburn Water Systems have recently installed this solar pumping unit as part of a CMA project. The client had an excellent permanent waterhole that is also subject to occasional flooding. The brief was to provide a pumping system which would reliably reticulate water around his property, but also be able to stay out of the way of any storm flows coming downstream.

The pump chosen was a Lorentz PS600 HR07, 525 Watt Helical Rotor submersible pump powered by 3 Astronergy 175 watt panels. Lorentz were the preferred choice due to their large range of pumps (which meant that the correct pump for the job could be chosen) as well as their rugged (cast stainless steel) construction.  It was installed inside a 6" PVC pipe which was concreted into the creek bank, placing the pump below flood water flows and away from any fast moving debris. The panels and controller were installed above the high water mark along with the pressure system.

Lorentz are the largest manufacturer of solar pumps in the world with distributors on every continent and almost every country. Because Lorentz only manufacture solar pumps, their expertise in this specialist field is second to none. Additionally, Lorentz has invested heavily in system specification software with their Compass software. Compass allows the system designer to change every parameter of the system (right down to cable diameter and dust on the panels) to determine the optimal configuration. Goulburn Water Systems regularly uses this valuable tool to show customers the expected month by month and hour by hour performance of their investment.