Edwards Solar Hot Water

For areas which experience frost or snow and perhaps have less than reliable water quality, the Edwards LX Series 2 solar hot water system is the only choice. It uses the highly efficient heat transferring properties of a special anti-freeze fluid, Glycol to transfer the absorbed energy to heat the water indirectly. With an ‘indirect system’ water does not pass though the collector panels, instead the Glycol mixture is circulated from the collectors through a jacket which is wrapped around the storage tank, transferring the heat into the water.
The benefit of this ‘indirect’ heat exchange process is that the system can be used confidently in frost areas, without risking damage to the system; it offers protection against freeze damage in conditions of up to minus 18 degrees Celsius.
The new modern design of the LX Series 2 solar hot water system was designed and manufactured right here in Australia for our harsh Australian conditions. Not only will it compliment any homes roof and save you immediately on your homes energy costs, it offers you peace of mind knowing it has been developed to last for years in our tough climate.